How do I post my CV or Resume?

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Once you are log in account please click on post resume, this resume will be shown to employers who are looking for job seeker so please be careful and post your resume carefully. These are the some tips that will be helpful for you to target right employer for you.

Summary – this will be headline for your CV

Example 1: B.Tech, MBA with 4 years exp. in FMCG Sales

Example 2: MCA with 5 years exp. as Systems Analyst with British Telecom

Category – Select your category in which you want to look for job like sales marketing, IT but you can select more than one category.

Your Resume – you can copy and paste your CV or resume in this section. This section is optional but recommended to increase your chances of being headhunted. This is most important section.

Skills – Enter your skills or qualities but don’t say you are hard working or honest because employer will search by these skills given below.

Non-IT Professionals: Eg: Institutional Sales, Direct Marketing, Event Management etc.

IT Professionals: Eg: Oracle, Unix, TIBCO, Java, PHP, GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP etc.

Work Experience – give here details about your work experience if you have any.

Education – Provide information about your qualification or any degree you have obtained.