job centre scam that is costing billions of pounds to the tax payer every year

4th March 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Career Advice

An independent research conducted by aims to bring public attention on a job centre scam that is costing billions of pounds to the tax payer every year.

This research blames the government for intentionally providing poor and inadequate services at the jobcentres so that recruitment agencies can benefit at the cost of the tax payer’s money.

When people go to the jobcentres they are usually advised to visit their nearest recruitment agency instead of receiving any kind of help from the jobcentre employees. The job centre employees simply ask the jobseekers to sign on and go home in the majority of cases.

The government has employed low paid staff who can barely speak English properly and therefore find themselves in helpless situations when it comes down to communicate with the job seekers or sometimes even employers.

This report requests the government to either change the name of the jobcentre to benefit office because the job centre name in itself is misleading to the public when in fact there are no jobs available.

The majority of the jobseekers who go to the job centre have very little confidence as to whether the jobcentres can help them to ever find their dream job. The exclusive purpose of visiting the jobcentres is to get the jobseekers to sign on and apply for benefits.

The jobcentres are white elephants that cost the tax payers billions of pounds every year and seem to bring more misery, confusion as well as bureaucracy. They do not in any way help the job seekers to find a job.

If the government is serious about this issue then they need to rethink the entire jobcentre process again. The jobcentres require restructuring and reengineering of the entire process in order to compete with professional recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom.

The jobcentres need to appoint professionally trained recruitment consultants who will not only work on high salaries but also receive other performance based incentives provided by similar agencies. This will encourage and develop healthy competition among the jobcentre staff to provide professional services to jobseekers in helping them to find suitable employment and build up good client bases for the organization.

The government should charge competitive recruitment fees from employers and provide them efficient work force. This restructuring will bring hundreds of million pounds worth of revenue for jobcentres and will put less burdens on the tax payers.

The team would urge the media to create an environment where this issue can be addressed seriously as it affects each and every individual in UK.

This research is based on findings from secondary materials such as the World Wide Web, feedback from 100s of jobseekers and other information published in different news papers.

Mr. UB would like to take an opportunity to thank the JobsiteAhead team and the British media who have given their valuable time and support to conduct this research.


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